Little Tara - $175

Little Tara is a private little cottage just across the drive in the rear of the house.

It is completely private from everything else and it has everything one could possibly want.

It has wisteria wallpaper and a vaulted wallpapered ceiling. The cottage has a King Sized white wrought iron bed with white eyelet spread and curtains. There is a crystal chandelier over the bed.

There is a corner fireplace, kitchenette with a white garden table and chairs for two, reclining loveseat, large double Jacuzzi, TV/VCR, under-counter refrigerator, and microwave.

Complementary coffee, tea, and sodas are included. There is a patio door that opens to a deck where you can be close to wildlife and nature. This is a favorite of our Honeymooners and Romantics. Guests in the cottage may come to the main house and join other guests for breakfast or have a breakfast basket delivered to the door.